Training Module

This course is uniquely designed to provide tools for creating a memorable experience for every customer that will bring them back with their friends and families. In the competitive business world, it is extremely important to meet customers’ expectations and satisfy their needs thus making it easy to do business. Apply to get a training  Apply now

Target Group

Front Desk Attendees
Personal Assistants
Executive Administrators
Support Staff

Training Modules

• Demystify customer service
• Developing a customer friendly and focused approach
• Customer satisfaction process
• Team work and effective communication
• Handling difficult clients & solving customer problems
• Work ethics, organizational and personal values
• Enhancing customer service etiquette
• Emerging trends in customer care

Training description

Transportation activities can account for over 70% of an organizations supply chain costs. Thus, it is vital that an organization gets the transportation function right, whether its ambition is to meet personnel mobility needs or to execute the delivery of goods and materials. This training will examine the transportation function in a holistic manner. It will delve deep into the requirements of successful fleet maintenance programs and workshops, and then discuss the components of stringent fleet and driver safety programs and experiment with different capital budgeting and distribution routing techniques. The training will conclude with a thorough exploration of key fleet performance measures, National transport laws & regulations, and emerging trends. Appply to get a training  Apply now


Logistics and supply chain
Transport Directors
Transport Managers/Officers managers
Transportation Planners
Fleet managers / coordinators
Fleet Safety Managers
Operations Managers
Administrative Staff


understand the objectives of fleet management and the role of the fleet manager/officer
Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measure performance of the transport department
Use capital budgeting techniques to perform vehicle replacement analysis
Optimize distribution vehicle routes and selection of an Intelligent transport system
Implement a fleet preventive maintenance program and determine requirements for efficient workshops
Create fleet safety and driver selection programs

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