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Early Childhood Education(ECd)
Professional Training

Course Description

Early childhood (age 0-6) is a critical stage of human development. Significant development of the brain, body and emotions happens during the first years of life. Interactions with family and wider environment in the first years can have a long –term impact on physical health, on the social and emotional well-being, and on cognitive or intellectual capacities- and consequently on national development as well.

Holistic parenting education involves attention to at least three major areas of early childhood: Physical, Cognitive, and Social/emotional development.


The process of becoming literate begins very early.


Training Objectives
The goals of the proposed program shall be to:

  1. Prepare graduates who are practical in the teaching profession.
  2. Meet the increasing demand in the labor market for pre-school teachers
  3. Produce graduates who can apply scientific and technological knowledge, skills, and abilities in the dissemination of education to Pre-school children.

Course Content


-Classroom management

-Dealing with Indiscipline in Classrooms


-Material Development

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