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Gender mainstreaming Training

Gender mainstreaming is an international strategy to achieve gender equality. It is based on the premise that gender perspectives and attention to the goal of gender equality are central to policy development, research, legislation, resource allocation, and to the programme cycle i.e. from planning to implementation and evaluation.

Gender plays a central role in development, as socialization outlines gender developmental roles, and individuals inadvertently apply themselves according to the proscribed dictates which is both limiting and dated. To this regard, women have for the longest time been sidelined in leadership and the policies emanating from it which has often taken a top-bottom approach instead of a bottom-up approach, the result of which stems policies that are gender blind and are non-compatible with gender specific needs and goals. It is necessary that both genders be involved as drivers for holistic development, right from empowering them with education, skills and information to involving them in policy making and implementation.

In lieu of the above, Wibena Institute has organized a training to evaluate the gender question in development and to address the existing gaps.


  • Women in leadership positions
  • NGOs
  • Senior Officers, in Governments
  • Corporates


  • To appraise gender mainstreaming initiatives
  • To analyze the gains of affirmative action in Rwanda
  • To evaluate the place of women in governance and development


  1. Enhancing women representation and participation in government policies and decision making processes
  2. Strengthening institutional and technical capacity for advocating, monitoring and reporting of women empowerment programmes
  3. Empowering women as equal partners in preventing conflict and building global peace
  4. Enhancing education opportunities and promoting leadership for women and girls
  5. Promoting entrepreneurship and access to financial services for women in rural areas
  6. Emerging governance and leadership issues on gender mainstreaming, equality and women empowerment


The workshop will be interactive with case studies and analysis of relevant policy papers.

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