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Our General English courses are designed to improve every aspect of your everyday English. Helping you learn real language skills for real life situations.

The lessons are interactive, sociable and fun and have clear objectives that contribute to your overall progress and move you closer to achieving your individual language goals. Your teacher will give you structured learning tasks and monitor your progress, providing you with guidance and feedback to help you become more fluent and confident with your English.

Course Objectives

  • Gain confidence in your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • Be taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Meet new people and make new friends

Course Content

The main objective of the course is to develop the English language abilities and skills of students in a linguistic, academic and social context to prepare them for life as a student in Rwanda. Students are initially given orientation to help them adapt to the life in Rwanda, lessons and exercises are designed to help students navigate real-life situations. Students are given intensive training in English grammar, vocabulary and phrases through classroom lectures, exercises and activities. The course prepares students to

  • Be able to read, understand and reproduce texts.
  • Be able to listen and understand lectures and make notes.
  • Be able to speak about a particular topic.
  • Be able to produce well-written texts in a particular area of study.
  • Be able to use internet, books, journals and articles to gain more information about the topic of study.

At the end of the course, students are to appear for an international ECL level B2 examination. The examination consists of three parts.

  1. Oral communication –  The speaking skills of students are tested by means of guided conversations with other students on a given topic. Students are also required to read aloud texts and answer questions asked by the interviewer. Students are assessed based on the formal accuracy, fluency, vocabulary, diction and effectiveness of communication.
  2. Listening comprehension – This part of the exam involves students listening to conversations, and the understanding is tested with answers to certain questions about the conversation.  The student must demonstrate ability to understand the whole idea provided in oral material on a wide range of topics which may involve up to four native speakers.
  3. Written examination – This part of the examination is a test in grammar and lexicology. First task is writing an essay on a specific topic. The second is to read a text. Students are tested on the use of English language by means of questions that require short or long descriptive answers, multiple choice questions, and questions that require ordering of answers.

Business English

English proficiency is quite simply the English you need to conduct business in a professional manner. It provides you with the skills to write emails, produce reports, make presentations, negotiate with clients, participate in meetings and conferences, write letters and deal with clients on the telephone and in a face-to-face situation.

Course Content

  • Introductions & making a strong first impression / Communication skills and pronunciation assessments
  • Vocabulary Training Techniques / Conversation preparation techniques
  • Creating Rapport: The Art of English Small Talk / Pronunciation Training
  • Grammar overview – The Pareto Principle / Business etiquette
  • Conversation skills practice – talking about your work / Representing yourself and your company well
  • Presentation skills practice
  • Conversation skills practice – talking about your company and industry
  • Presentation skills practice
  • Pronunciation review / networking and practicing small talk
  • Grammar review / Meet your Goals / The Continuing Learning Process

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