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Intensive Media Relations Programme


This five-day media relations training course covers full spectrum of media relations skills. You will master the media landscape, news values and journalist psychology, and learn innovative media engagement tactics including online. You will refine your spokesperson skills in videotaped role-play interviews with expert feedback coaching.

  • Day 1: Media interview training
  • Day 2: Essential media relations
  • Day 3: Creativity in communications and PR
  • Day 4: Press conference management
  • Day 5: Strategic media engagement

Who should attend?

This is an intermediate-level course designed for learners with existing knowledge and several years of experience in communications or PR. Learning is pitched at a level to help you develop strategic approaches and apply sophisticated techniques. This course is recommended for managers, executives, communication and PR professionals seeking a rounded skill-set in handling the media.

Learning outcomes

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate clearly through the landscape of media, journalists and news
  • Make strong news judgments to secure prominent coverage
  • Pitch stories effectively to journalists to get even borderline stories published
  • Engage the media proactively using creative PR platforms and techniques
  • Conduct media relations online
  • Prepare and coach spokespeople for encounters with journalists
  • Give strong and confident media interviews
  • Plan and manage professional press conferences

Course outline

Day 1: Media interview training

This one-day module covers how to engage with the media in a variety of formats. Topics covered include:

  • Effective preparation for interviews
  • Key message delivery
  • Ability to take control of the interview agenda
  • Body language, such as appearing engaged
  • Voice – including tone, projection, variation and emphasis of key points
  • Confidence and clarity (ability to be understood and avoidance of jargon)
  • Ability to give strong quotes and sound-bites
  • Avoiding traps and pitfalls
  • Feeling confident and comfortable in a variety of media encounters and formats

Day 2: Essential media relations

This one-day module covers the key concepts and techniques that effective PR professionals use to get stories covered positively and prominently in print, broadcast and online media.

  • The media landscape: how to map out the full range of forms of news media, and how to engage effectively with different media
  • Journalists: how to understand and work with journalists to influence and shape coverage
  • News judgment: understanding how journalists decide what makes news
  • Pitching stories: how to sell-in stories to journalists by creating and executing effective pitches

Day 3: creativity in communications and PR

This one-day module delivers inspiration and practical tools with which to create distinctive PR ideas that will outshine the competition, stick in people’s minds, and achieve results.

  • Creativity in PR: principles of creativity and its importance for PR
  • Creativity showcase: a case-study driven rolling workshop in which learners examine the key success factors behind creative PR campaigns and extract practical lessons
  • Facilitating creativity: a toolbox of practical creativity techniques and processes
  • Creativity in practice: an in-class creativity workshop applying all of the creativity concepts and techniques covered during the course


Day 4: Press conference management

This one-day module covers best-practice techniques for preparing and managing successful press conferences, from concept to execution.

  • Press conference planning: best practice in planning press conferences
  • When and how to use press conferences, based on case studies of successful and effective execution
  • Press conference preparation: how to prepare venues, resources, materials and spokespeople for a press conference
  • Press conference execution: a practical primer in how to make a press conference happen
  • Press conference facilitation: the role of the PR professional in hosting, chairing, stage-managing and troubleshooting a press conference

Day 5: Strategic media engagement

This one-day module covers sophisticated approaches to media relations that will enable PR professionals with some media experience to take their career to the next level.

  • Creative news and media management: how to generate creative news angles and secure prominent coverage even for borderline stories
  • Innovative media engagement tactics: how to engage journalists using innovative techniques
  • Online media relations: how to conduct media relations on the Web and align your media relations work with online social media

Preparing and coaching spokespeople: how to brief and debrief spokespeople so that they perform effectively in media interviews

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