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Mentoring and coaching
training course

Course Purpose: Employees who have been assigned new responsibilities or who need to improve their work performance may be assigned coaches or mentors to help them boost their performance, achieve goals and overcome areas of weaknesses. The purpose of the Coaching and Mentoring course is to help middle and senior managers identify, develop and apply skills that will turn around the individual and team performance of their employees. The course will increase the managers’ competencies, attitudes and confidence in supporting employees’ work performance and career development.

Training Content

 Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring

  1. Meaning of Coaching
  2. Meaning of Mentoring
  3. Purpose of Coaching and Mentoring: Performance Improvement

Coaching and Mentoring

  1. Features of Coaching
  2. Features of Mentoring
  3. Differences between mentoring and coaching

 How to become a Successful Coach

  1. How much should the coach or mentor be involved – the coaching continuum
  2. Skills of a successful coach

Understanding Performance

  1. What is good performance
  2. What is poor performance
  3. Causes of poor performance

 Role of Coach and Mentor in Performance Management

  1. What the coach needs to do to prepare for good performance
  2. Understanding the performance management process
  3. Methods of Coaching Individual Employees

 Coaching Teams

  1. Characteristics of high performing teams
  2. Steps in coaching teams to high performance
  3. Factors that hinder high performance in teams

 Performance Assessment Skills: Assessing Employee performance

  1. Assessing individual employee’s performance
  2. Assessing team performance

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